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Delta Garage Door

Serving Salt Lake, Utah, Davis & Weber counties for 16 years


The standard garage door design can be quantified in four styles:
  • Short panel,
  • long panel,
  • stamped carriage house, and
  • Flush (smooth).

They come in; white, dark brown, sandstone, almond, Black, dark walnut. The colors available depend on the manufacturer we choose for your project.

Browse our photos, and give Delta Garage Door a call when ready. We can help to narrow it down with our expertise and options, such as windows, insulation options, colors, vinyl trim, and installation issues.


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Short panel with windows and inserts.

Dark Brown, flush, 16×7 garage door.

White, 16×7 side windows, flush

9×8 and16x8 white, short panel, with window inserts.


Stamped carriage house, white, with window inserts and hardware. 


Stamped carriage house, white, with window inserts and hardware. 


16×7, almond, long panel with Stockton windows.


16×7 sandstone, stamped carriage house with windows.

8X8 white, stamped carriage house with Stockton windows. 


Short panel, 16×8 white, no windows. 
White, 6×7 short panel, no windows, no insulation. 
Two 9×7, white, beadboard, short panel, with long panel clear glass windows. These doors are also steel back insulated garage doors.
Woodgrain, steel, open back, or non-insulated garage doors. with arched Stockton window inserts. With clear insulated glass.  
Woodgrain, steel vinyl back insulated garage doors. These
doors are 16×8 and 9×8 in size. With Stockton window inserts.
A real WOOD garage door. This is a 18×9, oversized residential garage door. This door is solid fir