Garage Door repairs

Our Garage Door Service and Repair Includes:


At Delta Garage Door we arrive stocked and ready for any size spring for any size door. Prices and warranty vary accordingly. Call for accurate price and information, you’ll talk with the owner on every call. No hidden prices or fees. We will do our best to beat all reasonable competitors pricing. Fast friendly 24/7. Springs are our specialty. Call us today!

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Apps, remotes and keypads

We provide and program all makes and models including generic if needed. All makes, all models, all years, old, new and in between, we can reprogram and replace, making your home safe with any brand, make, model and year of remote clicker, wall button or outside keypad. Call today!

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Remote opener repair

All rail repairs. be it belt, chain, screwdrive or chain/cable we will fix it. No job to large or small. Call today!

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We replace most manufacturers panels. Panel replacements are no problem whether they be insulated, non-insulated, with or without windows, dark brown, sandstone, white, almond and painted to suite, we offer all these features. Call today!

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We Carry Drums, Hinges, Bearing Plates, Handles, Rollers, Cables, Top Brackets, Struts, Screws, Nuts and Bolts, Bottom Brackets and More! Any and every garage door, we have it!

we carry drums, hinges, bearing plates, handles, rollers, cables, top brackets, struts, screws, nuts and bolts, bottom brackets and more! any and everything garage door we have it We replace and repair all parts of your garage door. We can replace and repair all parts and service your door to make it like new! Repairs are our specialty. Call today!

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Garage Door Repairs and Services in Millcreek, UT

Local Garage Door Repairs at Delta Garage Door

At Delta Garage Door, we perform detailed garage door repairs for the Millcreek, Utah area. Our services are all-encompassing. We do various types of work, from residential to commercial garage door repairs. We also install garage doors and perform routine preventative maintenance. Our team knows how to install and repair any kind of garage door. We have spent 16 years installing garage doors in the area, showing our commitment to our craft and community.

Everything From Broken Panels to Garage Door Opener Repairs

Garage doors are complicated systems, and many things can go wrong with them. It is critical to have an experienced specialist when getting a garage door repair. Our qualified technicians can perform anything from broken spring repairs to garage door opener repairs. One of our local garage door repair specialists will walk you through the process. Initially, Delta Garage Door will assess the situation and give a free estimate for the work. Then, we can have your garage door working again in no time.

Professional Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repairs

Why is it so important to call an experienced local garage door repair specialist like Delta Garage Door? Many of our clients find themselves asking this exact question. There are many reasons you should call a professional garage door contractor when there is an issue with your garage door. Initially, the workings of a garage door system are complicated, and improper attempts to repair them can cause damage, which only increases garage door repair costs. Also, many garage door repairs require specialized tools that the average homeowner is unlikely to have in their shed. Most importantly, fiddling with a garage door can be dangerous if you lack experience repairing them. So, save yourself some money and keep yourself safe by calling a professional.

Four Reasons to Call for Garage Door Repairs

It can be confusing to know when it is time to call for help with a garage door repair. There are obvious times when your garage door is not working, but ideally, we would catch problems before your entire garage door system breaks down. There are four standout reasons to call a local garage door repair company like Delta Garage Door.

  • Squeaking and creaking are not normal and may be signs of an issue that could cause garage door repair costs to snowball if not repaired.
  • If a garage door raises or lowers slower or faster than usual, this is also a sign that there is a problem in your garage door system that needs to be inspected urgently.
  • If you must hit your remote opener multiple times before your garage door will open, you likely need specialized garage door opener repairs.
  • Cracked, broken, or damaged components on the garage door, from panels to rollers, need to be replaced as soon as you notice them.

Routine Maintenance Cuts Down on Garage Door Repair Costs

Most people never think about having a technician service their garage door until it breaks down, and they call for garage door repairs. Preventative maintenance and routine service can prevent some problems and catch others when they are still small. A garage door is a long-term investment in the value of your home. Imagine if you got your car serviced as infrequently as your garage door? Yet, garage doors also have moving motors, belts, wires, and chains that should all be maintained. Delta Garage Door performs routine preventative maintenance to keep your garage door working like the day you bought it.

When to Replace a Broken Garage Door

When there is serious damage, garage door repair costs accumulate. Continually, paying for garage door repairs may not be the best use of your budget. In cases like that, Delta Garage Door recommends that homeowners install a new garage door. Garage door systems are improving at a dramatic rate every year. Unfortunately, that means that older garage door systems become obsolete rapidly. When a garage door system needs repaired frequently, it is often more cost-effective to replace the entire garage door system, especially when you factor in the value it adds to your home.

Why You Should Choose a Local Garage Door Repair Team

You can expect quality service and expert craftsmanship when you work with a professional garage door repair team like ours at Delta Garage Door. Our technicians have a reputation for performing fair, affordable, and honest repairs. We start with a free consultation, examining the problem and giving our recommendations. Then, when we perform the work, we do so in a timely fashion and leave your garage door working perfectly.

Let Us Help You With All Your Garage Door Repairs

Finding a trusted garage door repair contractor can be a daunting task, but we have made it easier by providing one place where you can get all your garage door repairs. Our trusted team at Delta Garage Door is standing by to help answer your questions and schedule your free consultation today. To contact a professional repair technician, call us directly or fill out our contact form here.