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Carriage house garage doors, sometimes called barn door style garage doors, were once used for parking your horse carriage in. Today, in 2021, they are for your horseless carriage. They have become a very popular option for the standard garage door. We have decades of experience to help you choose the right carriage house design to fit your house’s overall aesthetic, design, and architecture. The biggest plus, and biggest drawback for some, is that there are literally a thousand different designs. They range from $1,000 to $8,000+. The material can be a natural product (wood), Steel, or molded aluminum. The steel and aluminum are molded and designed to have a real authentic wood look and surface. These are most often a special order, with a 2-5 week waiting time. These are only a few of the possibilities.
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Turquoise! A wood steel carriage house door, with Stockton windows,


White and grey, steel carriage house door with windows


Sandstone, steel carriage house doors. With hardware.


Even a Blue carriage house garage door.
With plain windows. (no inserts)


Wood, brown, standard carriage house design. No windows.


White, aluminum carriage house door with Stockton windows.


Aluminum, modern, painted carriage house.


Black painted steel, carriage house doors. With Stockton windows. 


Stained, wood carriage house garage door.


White, short panel, stamped non-insulated garage door. With carriage
house hardware attached.


Stamped, carriage house, Three panel, faux wood look, garage door. With arched stockton window inserts and tinted glass. This door is also vinyl back insulated.