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Delta Garage Door’s Garage Door Installations

At Delta Garage Door, in Millcreek, Utah, we help homeowners find the right garage door for their home every time. However, we do a lot else. We repair broken garage doors, including broken garage door openers and garage door springs. We perform preventative maintenance that keeps your garage door opening smoothly every time you need it. We even replace broken panels on garage doors, whether wood, glass, or metal. Whatever garage door sales and installation you need, our professionals are prepared to help you get the right garage door every time.

Any Type of Garage Installation

Come to Delta Garage Door for all your garage installation needs when you need a new garage door. We install garage doors of every type, from wooden to modern. Our team will help select the right garage door for your garage and home. Then, our installation technicians will perform the job in a timely and reliable fashion. Whether you need a new garage door installed, from traditional to copper, a new opener, or a simple repair, Delta garage door has the right solution for you.

A Garage Door Installation Company With Styles

Each house has its own style and aesthetic. Likewise, each garage door should be carefully selected based on its style to work with the home’s appearance. Delta Garage Door carries and installs new garage doors of several types. Each style has its advantages, but there is a perfect style for each house.


  • Traditional Garage Door– This is a clean and functional style. It typically consists of hinged panels that retract along a track on the ceiling of the garage.
  • Carriage House– With a more classic look, this style has, or appears to have, two large doors that swing open. It often has a classic farmhouse look.
  • Modern Garage Doors– One of the most varied styles, modern garage doors are known for a minimalist approach with unique designs and intriguing aesthetics.
Garage Door Services in Millcreek, UT

Selecting the Right Material for Your Garage Door

Selecting the best material for your garage door can be a headache. First, you decide if you are choosing metal, wood, or some other option like beadboard. Once you’ve decided that, there are still several other choices, like what type of wood or metal you would like to use. Delta Garage Door’s garage door installation team helps make choices like this easy and understandable for customers. Our professionals will explain the difference and often even give recommendations based on your house and the look you want.


Picking the Style for Your Garage Door Installation

When it comes to picking a style for your garage door, the challenges can be overwhelming. A garage door is a long-term investment, and it can change the entire exterior appearance of your home. There are a few keys to selecting the right garage door style for your house. First, you must consider functionality. What are the needs of your garage door, and how will it be used? Then, you must think about the appearance and style of the rest of the house. It is best if the garage door matches or compliments the rest of the home. Part of Delta Garage Door’s garage door installation service helps clients with these types of stylistic decisions.


A Committed Garage Door Sales and Installation Team

We pride ourselves in our commitment to honest, reliable, and affordable service. We understand the investment homeowners make in their garage doors. So, we take that investment seriously by handling every step of the new garage door installation process with care and precision. From selecting the garage door to installing it, we are a garage door installation company that cares about its customers and its results.

Contact Us for Help Installing Your New Garage Door

Whether you need a new garage door installed, from the luxury garage door to copper, a new opener, or a simple repair, Delta garage door has the right solution for you. For professional garage door services from Delta Garage Door, fill out a contact form or contact us today. Our team of professionals is standing by to help you schedule your consultation and get a free estimate for your new garage door. Our team is always here to help homeowners with any initial questions about our garage door installation services.

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