Genie Garage Door in Millcreek, UT

To deliver products and services to satisfy all customers.
To become a true global player and be highly valued by each industry-related market in the world.
To bring together the creativity of each individual in a team environment for the enhancement of corporate value.

Action Principal Statement

To work hard with a sense of sincerity to attain our customers’ satisfaction and trust, expressing appreciation for their continued support and loyalty.
To establish top brand recognition by pursuing superior quality and lower costs to meet the specific needs of each global market.

To be innovative while looking toward the future and to continuously improve technologies and productivity in every corporate sector.

To build a challenging and vigorous workplace, to encourage open communication, and to promote an atmosphere of respect for one another and respect for the Company and its corporate rules.

To always strive for challenging goals, to recognize our own role and accountability in the achievement of those goals, and to contribute to the improvement of the Company’s corporate value.


Value Statement

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